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April 18, 2011




Mon Apr 18, 2011, 7:56 PM

Guys! last week for the Zelda Collab :P PLEASE try to finish all your entries this week, of others will take your place!!! :O

Man! im really happy to see how people is trying their best to make of this an amazing drawing! i know the "filter thing" wasn´t the best idea ever, but it was because some of the artist did their best to submit cool images, and some other just wanted to fill in : / sorry guys, but the thing with this collabs is that almost all of em never come out "nice" because people just rushed and submitted a "not that good" picture.
So that! thanks to all the guys who resubmitted your works and remained cool when i came with the critiques :D im really happy to work with mature people!
So! if you still want to be part of this, just send a note and i´ll put you on the "Artist Waiting List", there´s always chance that somebody will drop out, right?


Ok guys, from today you have 2 weeks to finish your entries, so please try to work on your items, and just follow the rules. Metaru and i will be evaluating the works, so give your best show!!


Also, another topic: Since there are lots of artist putting a lot of effort on their drawings, im going to ask you guys PLEASE to try to submit quality entries, i supose you are not here only to filll the spot, right?. :iconmetaru: is going to help me to choose wich entries are totally in and wich needs a little more of work, k? i´ll be sending notes to the artist, so please, if you recieve a note, don´t be mad! it´s just for the sake of the final work, kay? ;D
I know.. maybe haters gonna hate, but sorry = / we can´t have people who made so amazing entries with people who seem to made their entries in five minutes... sorry guys.


General rules of the COLLAB

-Just send me a note with the item you want to draw (just for inscription) and after that i´ll post it here.
-Remember, draw it USING THE ITEM, not only the item.
-PLEASE, do it on a TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND, so we can put them together when the collab is finished.
- Work on a 1024x1024 (300ppi) Canvas!
-ALSO, please use "Chibi or SD Proportions". This doesn´t mean you have to draw TOON LINK, you have to use the Link design from the game you chose (if you choose twilight princess´s gale boomerang, use that design , if you choose oracle of ages harp of ages, use that design) just remember to do it in that proportions.
-AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST draw it with a simple camera view, don´t used wicked angles! Plain old front cammera please
-Don´t wait a note replying your petition! just check this journal to see if your name it´s here! I´ll only replay if you asked for a previously taken item :P
-When you finish, upload it to deviantART, with the "download original file" option, so i can take it there. Put a link to this journal and try to explain a little of the collab in the description, that way we can recruit more people.
-And More important, PUT IT INTO YOUR JOURNAL, so We can gather more people and finish this soon :D


SINCE A LOT OF PEOPLE IS SENDING NOTES, PLEASE, DON´T EXPECT A NOTE BACK SAYING THAT YOU ARE IN. I´ll only contact you if the item is taken, so you can take another one.
Try to check THIS JOURNAL periodicaly to see the collab status.

Yes guys. I´m willing to do a big Zelda Collaboration with all of you who are interested!
We are going to make a BIG ZELDA ITEM WALL!! isn´t it fun? :D
What is a item wall? well, you know how Link always uses items in their games? We are going to make a big collaboration picture were we´ll show Link USING ALL OF THE ITEMS FOUND ON THE SERIES!

SO, here it´s the list of items you can find on all the Zelda Series =) I arranged them by Game, so you can look, on for reference pics in case you don´t remember how the item looks!

Item that appeared in more than one game ALL TAKEN

Bottled Fairy kevinbolk
Hookshot StepsOverSnails
power bracelet ChewbaccaStomper
Lens of Truth SrtaAiko
Bottles lazy-spoon
Pegasus Boots k0k3

The Adventure of Link ALL TAKEN

Cross jmatchead
Flute MuffinSquire
Handy Glove smalltownactor
Raft VanillaCompact

A Link to the Past

Fire Rod Kristin-with-an-I
Bombos Medallion TailsWorld1
Ether Medallion Lyrnix
Quake Medallion chika-link
Lamp Sarahdus
Flute LaIndeseableNikki
Bug Catching Net Dixsilence
Cane of Byrna nemurism
Magic Mirror Mudora

Link´s Awakening ALL TAKEN

Shovel Oni-Kurotsuki
Miror Shield Gusana
toadstool SillyEwe
roc´s feather Vay-demona

Ocarina of time ALL TAKEN

Deku Stick IntricateGoldFish
Deku Nut  Dragons-Triforce
Ocarina of Time Metaru
Din´s Fires Koeskull
Nayru´s Love Frulili
Magic Beans MissMelodyLess

Majora´s Mask ALL TAKEN

Great Fairy Sword DekuOnFire
Zora Mask dalicius
Fierce Deity Mask SenSparda18

Oracle Series ALL TAKEN

Gasha Nut Lolli-CoN
Gasha Seed Arada
Rod of Seasons Black-Boo
Seed Satchel paledebaser
Seed Shooter SasamiInu
magnetic gloves TheJazzyT

The Windwaker ALL TAKEN

Tingle Tuner Felolira
Pictobox Parororo
Magic Armor Da-J-me
Telescope sweet-blaze

The Minish Cap ALL TAKEN

Remote Bomb MeiRenee
Gust Jar T-C-C
Mole Mits Saekita
Roc´s Cape Robobotnik
Cane of Pacci Felolira

Twilight Princess ALL TAKEN

Magic Armor The-Nonexistent
Fishig Rod pokemon4160
Gale Boomerang EveningOkami
Hawkeye trav-mcdan
Ball and Chain Aranglinn
Dominion Rod CrystalPheonix

Spirit Tracks ALL TAKEN!</b>

Whilrwind Gun Concore
Spirit Flute KillerS0ul

Skyward Sword ALL TAKEN (for now)

Beetle maxwellrookie


Red Potion Nyaron  OK
Whistle DogmanSP  OK
Iron Boots  Shiiro-san OK
Deku Mask CrayonKat OK
Double Clawshot UltraEd12 (?)
Bomb Flower Illuminatii (?)
Pictograph Box Seliex OK
Bow and Silver Arrow pooketz OK
Whip luigipanda OK
Sand Wand Atatakakunakatta OK
Bow and fire arrow Katfuzzmunchkin OK
Goron Mask Kanokawa OK
Bow and light arrow Kurisusu-chan OK
Magic Cape tomgiest  OK
Cane of Somaria Meddler-Of-The-Ages (?)
Green Potion G-Chris OK
Harp of Ages Song-Of-Shadows OK
Magic Wand arierruu OK
Elixir Soup LunaShadow OK
Boomerang Chronos-Kun (OK)
Magic Powder TeaAddiction OK
Bow and ice arrow Sukee OK
Farore´s Wind hmd67 OK
Grappling Hook CE-Rap OK
Hammer Yutaki OK
Megaton Hammer TheChildInTheCorner OK
Zora Armor Metarealism OK
Bait Deimos-Remus  OK
Goron Knife raizy OK
Bombling Phobos-Romulus  OK
Blue and Red Candle reavesy OK
Book of Mudora randomzeldafan OK
Water Bomb  Fairu OK
Blue Potion dragonack27 OK
Spinner Raiden-chino OK
Bombchu Silvre OK
Bomb Maikush OK
Bow and arrow mandymandii OK
Bow and BombArrow canavarhero OK
Wind waker nirreu OK
Deku Leaf blowjob-blowfish OK
Fairy Slingshot Zillar OK
Cane of Byrna nemurism OK
Fairy Ocarina SuperMarkioGalaxy OK
Skull Hammer Sevilai OK

Lets make our best to do a big grat collab!

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T-C-C Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011
Felolira Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Why would you draw something if you never signed in for the collab? O_O
T-C-C Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
I was supposed to do the gust jar... ._.
Felolira Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
did you asked for it?
T-C-C Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
I'm signed up for it aren't I?
Felolira Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, it seem we just knocked you out because you weren't active and you didn't replied any messages we sent you about it. We already had an artist to made the gust Jar, and he finished it a long time ago.
T-C-C Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
oh.... well then, statement retracted. Sorry about not following through with this btw, but at least it got done.
Gilko Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Is the silver and golden gauntlets from ocarina of time on this list, they look so cool.

Ooh and the arrows ice, fire and light :D from ocarina, majora, and wind waker I believe ^^ I was just playing ocarina of time, just firing some light arrows at Ganon haha
Felolira Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
we covered all the items, sorry!
WhiteFoxCub Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011  Professional Digital Artist

You might as well ignore my last comment x-D Here's my piece of the collab, hope it was what you expected?
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